Garden Design and Installation

At DesignScapes, our design team appreciates the fact that each property has unique characteristics. We recognize each homeowner has their own desires and visions for their project. We consider it our obligation to be responsive and innovative in our approach in order to provide you with years of beauty and pleasure.

When planning your garden, DesignScapes focuses on:

  • Incorporating seasonal interests to create year-round appeal
  • Low maintenance garden elements, so you can relax
  • Capturing color year-round, which Raleigh’s climate makes possible
  • Helping you realize your unique vision, whatever type of garden you desire
  • Designing a garden that is pleasing and harmonious as well as practical and functional

Our clients often request specialty gardens catered to unique interests. At DesignScapes, we’re happy to design a garden for a particular purpose or incorporate specific plants. Let our design team know exactly what garden you’re dreaming of — we’re happy to make it a reality.

Our specialty garden designs include:

  • Outdoor Rooms
  • Butterfly gardens and bird gardens
  • Formal English gardens
  • Perennial gardens
  • English cottage gardens
  • Oriental gardens
  • Herb gardens
  • Water gardens

Does your outdoor living space need the touch of a professional designer? DesignScapes will help transform your yard to everything you want it to be, whether fragrant, floral, formal or something else altogether. Contact DesignScapes to learn more about our garden design and installation services.