Look Before You Leap!

Autumn is just around the corner which brings with it great weather for gardening.  Fall in Raleigh, NC is a perfect time to plant which may tempt you to purchase many of the beautiful fall blooming plants that you see at garden centers or nurseries. It is definitely hard to resist the pretty fall plants!


But before you dive in head first, consider developing a plan for your yard or landscape.  This will help with knowing what plants will grow best in your yard and, more specifically, where in your yard. A design plan will also help distribute color in the landscape so that it is pleasing to the eye and will prevent you from ending up with a hodgepodge.  There are some basic steps in drafting a plan.




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alt="raleigh landscaping designscapes landscape design NC"Next you will want to maximize attractiveness after you have planned the location of the wants and needs. To accomplish this, it is important to consider scale, shape and color when determining the types and placement of plants.  You don’t want your landscape to be monotonous but you do want it to be balanced.   Therefore, thoughtful planning of the design elements that you want to repeat such as a certain color or plant will allow you to create a cohesive landscape.



Considering all of these elements will allow you to develop a layout that is suitable and specific to your yard or landscape.  We can help select the proper plants and create a unique and suitable design for you.  Call us at 919-844-3441 or fill out the contact form below.


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