What’s Blooming In the Garden

With all of this up and down weather we are experiencing in Raleigh, it may be hard to imagine what is or should be blooming in the garden right now.  There are quite a few plant options that will add color and interest to the winter landscape as well as throughout the year.   Oriental Paperbush […]

Have You Been Mooned?

A moonlight garden adds a sense of wonder to nighttime outdoor living.  Garden interest from dusk throughout the night sky until dawn can turn a moonlight stroll, outdoor dining experience or nighttime swim into a magical or mysterious evening.   Moonlight gardens focus on plants that showcase blooms, textures and silhouettes from dusk throughout the moonlight hours.  They […]

Plentiful Peonies

Have you ever wondered how to have plentiful peony blooms in the South?  Well, there are some varieties that do better in warmer climates like we have here in Raleigh, NC.  Peonies are great for borders, hedges and as cut flowers.  And Oh!, How we love those beautiful peony blooms in our gardens and in […]

Winter Bloomers for Raleigh Gardens and Landscapes

February is typically a cold, gray month here in Raleigh, North Carolina.  However, the current spring-like temperatures are confusing to everyone, including the plants.  You may see some spring bulbs already starting to pop up around town, and an early display of blooms on some of the spring flowering trees.  In general, this is not typical, […]

Fabulous Fall Colors

If you are new to the Raleigh area and are into gardening, fall is a great time to get your plants in the ground. Our planting season actually extends into winter here. The cooler temperatures allow for the plants to become established without the suffocating heat of summer that can stress plants, especially new ones. […]

Don’t Be Green With Envy

If you’ve been admiring a neighbor’s beautiful flowers and are green with envy, let us offer you some tips for achieving that eye-catching color in your garden design.  We have some favorite perennials for the Raleigh area that will bloom all summer long. So, don’t think that you have missed out on summer just because the […]

A True Southern Belle

As Spring is coming to a close, Summer is nearing and with it comes the blooming of one of the south’s favorite flowers—Hydrangeas. Big, beautiful clusters of flowers form together to offer a sight that everyone will admire throughout the year! While there are many shapes and varieties to choose from, not all are fit […]

Colors by Crapes

As we all enjoy the beautiful colors of the spring, let us introduce you to one of the South’s most flamboyant summer bloomers. The Crape Myrtle Tree is truly a southern gem in the landscape, as it provides seemingly endless summer color. The flower colors range from white to all shades of pink, lavender, and […]

What’s Blooming In Raleigh This Spring

Its doesn’t take rocket science to look outside and see how beautiful our city is becoming during this time of year.  New businesses are opening, new construction projects are being launched but if you take time to notice the simple things you might just be starstruck by the beautiful trees blooming in the city of […]

For the Love of The Buzz

Nothing screams hello spring like tipping outside and hearing bumblebees buzz by your ear. If you’ve ever been stung before you may shiver a bit but there are many benefits to bees being present in your garden. The honey bees that are critical to the pollination of key U.S. crops have been disappearing at a staggering rate over […]

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