Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainability is quite the “buzz’ word lately, but how does it relate to the residential landscape?  Some basic ways to create a sustainable residential landscape include conserving water, selecting native plants, incorporating permeable materials in hardscaping areas, and maintaining healthy soil.   Residential gardeners can conserve water by capturing and re-using rainwater to water plants. […]

Drain the Rain pt. 2

Has your yard and landscape suffered with our unusual amount of rain? We can help you prevent further problems and solve your existing ones. All of the rain and especially the 1-2 inch downpours have taken their toll on our already saturated soils. Since we had more rain than Seattle, Washington this past Fall, the […]

Drain the Rain!

                    Happy New Year from DesignScapes! We’ve been having the strangest weather here in Raleigh! Earlier this week we were seeing snow flurries and for the last two days, we’ve had some very cold weather! The weather predicts that it will be in the mid-60’s again […]

Specialty Gardens Part 1: Rain Gardens

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! The weather has been odd here in North Carolina! Last week was the first week of Winter and we were seeing temperatures in the high 70’s! We’re loving all of the warm weather, but how about all of this rain? It was a wet holiday week here […]

Butterfly Bushes

We hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! We’d like to share with you some information about Butterfly Bushes. Botanical name: Buddleia davidii Shrub Grows best in full sun and does well in any soil type Comes in a multitude of colors including: red, pink, yellow, purple, and white Blooms in the Summer and […]

No More Sog Stories!

You know the saying “April showers bring May flowers”? The saying has become a reality for us this week here in the Raleigh area. While we love the rain, as water is a dire necessity for landscaping, it can be a real nuisance when you have swampy, wet, and erosion prone areas in your yard! […]

Groundcovers for Raleigh Landscaping

Groundcovers and Your Raleigh Landscaping You may know that groundcovers have many benefits for your Raleigh Landscaping. But did you know that they can provide all of the following specific benefits: controlling erosion, retaining moisture, providing a habitat for bees and butterflies, resilient, low maintenance, help control weeds, and generally pest and disease resistant. Wow, […]

Rain Gardens – Raleigh Landscaping

It’s Good to Be Green: Residential Raleigh Landscaping Rain Gardens Raleigh Landscaping Homeowners Can Help Protect NC’s Water Quality & Natural Resources By: Lynne Harder The Culprit: Stormwater runoff (rain or snowmelt that runs off of impervious surfaces) has been identified as a leading source of water pollution in the United States.  Stormwater runoff is […]

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