Before You Do It Yourself, Get Some help

We humans have an amazing ability to work the land, build things, sow seed and harvest crops. Because of this natural ability many people have opted to become “do it yourselfers”. Though this notion may seem beneficial economically, practically it can turn into quite the opposite. Don’t get burned by spring fever, it is hard […]

Look Before You Leap!

Autumn is just around the corner which brings with it great weather for gardening.  Fall in Raleigh, NC is a perfect time to plant which may tempt you to purchase many of the beautiful fall blooming plants that you see at garden centers or nurseries. It is definitely hard to resist the pretty fall plants!   But […]

When Spending Money Makes Cents

Are you looking to increase the value of your property?  Or do you just want to add some curb appeal or a garden design for your own enjoyment?  Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that adding landscaping only increases the appeal and value of your home.  “Curb Appeal” can make your home […]

The Garden Path

A pathway in the garden can serve several functions.  Of course, the most obvious function is that it serves the purpose of providing a means to travel through the garden or landscape.  However, a path can add a unique aspect to your garden.  It can be formal or informal and constructed of natural or man-made material. […]

Don’t Get Burned By Spring Fever

With Spring Fever spreading quickly, we know it is very tempting to run out this time of year and buy every beautiful flower you can fit in the back of your van, but wait before you do!  There are a couple things you should consider before making those purchases and doing it yourself. First, do not […]

Happy Holidays from DesignScapes!!!

Natural Decorations!

The countdown to Christmas is on! Old Saint Nick will be making his rounds soon. Are you ready? Now you know Kris Kringle doesn’t like going to houses that aren’t decorated. But what about those of you who don’t have time to fumble with those strands of lights to prepare your houses for the holiday […]

Why You Should Hire a Landscaping Contractor

There are two types of people in this world — “DIY (Do-it-Yourself)” people and “Hire Someone” people. There are a few ways to determine which category you fit in! Are you one of those people that will change a flat tire or will you call roadside assistance? Are you one of those people that cleans […]

Shake Your Grass

It is officially Fall and we are already experiencing cooler weather here in the Triangle area! During this time of year, as leaves start to turn and flowers start to die back, you will start to notice more Ornamental Grasses in landscapes. Why not join in on the fun? Time to shake your grass! Most […]

Private Parts

Here in the United States, we have a right to privacy, and that right is even protected by the Constitution. Although there are many arguments about this, we’re not going to get in that deep. This is a landscaping website, not a political website. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing enough of that soon anyway. (It’s […]

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