Plentiful Peonies

Have you ever wondered how to have plentiful peony blooms in the South?  Well, there are some varieties that do better in warmer climates like we have here in Raleigh, NC.  Peonies are great for borders, hedges and as cut flowers.  And Oh!, How we love those beautiful peony blooms in our gardens and in […]

Don’t Be Green With Envy

If you’ve been admiring a neighbor’s beautiful flowers and are green with envy, let us offer you some tips for achieving that eye-catching color in your garden design.  We have some favorite perennials for the Raleigh area that will bloom all summer long. So, don’t think that you have missed out on summer just because the […]

A True Southern Belle

As Spring is coming to a close, Summer is nearing and with it comes the blooming of one of the south’s favorite flowers—Hydrangeas. Big, beautiful clusters of flowers form together to offer a sight that everyone will admire throughout the year! While there are many shapes and varieties to choose from, not all are fit […]

Fall Colorvision

Well folks, it will be Fall for another month and a half. However, the Fall colors are starting to fade. It’s really windy today here in Raleigh and the leaves are doing just what they’re supposed to do in the fall…they’re falling. Even though the beautiful color show is starting to come to an end, […]

Blanket Flowers

Now we know with it warming up outside, blanket is probably the last word you want to hear. However, we’re talking about Blanket Flowers! Blanket flowers are known as Gaillardias and they are perennials that have a long season of bloom. If sunflowers and daisies had a plant child, it would be a Gaillardia. The […]

What A Creeper!

No, we’re not talking about your next door neighbor or the person who walks by your house at random times of the day, grinning at you. We’re talking about the Creeping Phlox! What is a Creeping Phlox, you ask? Here are a few fun facts! Creeping Phlox has both a semi-evergreen habit and a perennial […]

Who’s the Boss?

In our last article, we talked about dry creek beds and how they help when you have water collecting in your yard. If you’ve decided a dry creek bed isn’t the solution for you but you still want a beautiful yard, we have the perfect alternative! Show the sog who’s boss with these trees, shrubs, […]

Plant Feature: ‘Miss Manners’ Obedient Plant

Raleigh Landscaping Plant Feature: ‘Miss Manners’ Obedient Plant We realize this plant has an interesting name. Want to know how it got its name? Obedient plant is named for its flowers. If you move the individual flowers, they stay in place. If you want them facing a different way, just move them. They will obey […]

Colorful Perennials for Raleigh NC Landscaping

How To Have Color  In Your Raleigh NC Landscaping That Returns Year After Year Take a look around your neighborhood. Have you ever noticed your neighbors yard seems to have the same beautiful flowers or border each year? Perennials provide beautiful color that comes back from the roots year after year. There are plenty of […]

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