Coming to Your Senses

Gardens and landscapes are a powerful tool that can impact our physical, emotional and mental health.  They offer something for all of our senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and sound.  A garden or landscape can be filled with colors, scents and textures that can tantalize our sense of smell, invigorate our psyche or mood with the sight […]

Scents of Spring

Springtime in Raleigh brings beautiful blooms and tantalizing scents!  The colorful seasonal show draws us outside to enjoy the fresh air and take in the amazing nature display.   The sights and smells of Spring make us all a little happier with the exception of the pollen overload.  It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors in […]

Scents of the Summer

Summer: the time for cook outs, garden parties, and soaking up the sun! We only have a few weeks left until it hits, and when it does everyone will be spending more time outdoors. Many flowers will be in bloom, some of which are very fragrant and will attract a variety of visitors to your […]

What’s That Smell? : Summer Edition

Ah, summer. The season of countless beach trips, fresh lemonade, a tan, and fragrant plants. Now we’re sure there are a ton of other things that can be added to that list, but we want to touch on the last item mentioned… The fragrant plants. When creating a landscape, it’s important to create a product […]

Daphne odora

Daphne odora A shrub known for it’s fragrance. Hence “odora.” A small evergreen that grows best in the shade and part shade. Has many different varieties Rises slowly and only grows to a few feet tall. Flowers open late winter and carry an intense sweet scent. Requires careful planting to ensure excellent drainage and avoid […]

Raleigh Landscapers – Favorite Plants

Raleigh Landscapers – DesignScapes’ Favorite Plants As Raleigh Landscapers (a custom residential landscape design & installation company), we have certain plants which we enjoy working with, love to have in our personal landscapes or have otherwise found to be admirable. Many are native plants, some are those tried and true successes, but in one way […]

Gardenia: A Beautiful, Fragrant Shrub for Raleigh Landscaping

Special Plant Feature for Raleigh Landscaping: Gardenias Known for their fragrant white flowers, Gardenias have become a gardening symbol in Southern gardens, including Raleigh Landscaping. They are a heat loving, evergreen shrub that can grow 2-8 feet tall and wide, depending on variety. They typically bloom from mid-Spring into Summer. They like full sun to […]

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