Holiday Arrangements & Festive Curb Appeal

I know it’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is not even two weeks away.  Christmas follows soon after with only four weekends in between.  Not much time to get that shopping and decorating finished!  If all of this seems overwhelming, don’t fear! – we can at least help you with your holiday arrangements and spiffing […]

Fall Gardening Tips

We are well into fall now although you may not be able to tell by the weather we have been having here in Raleigh, NC.  However, we are approaching the middle of October and the leaves are starting to paint the landscape with the beautiful oranges, yellows and reds of fall.  Typically, it’s a great […]

What’s In Bloom – Early Fall Bloomers

What’s in bloom as we transition into fall.   As the weather cools we are welcomed by the magnificent colors of fall. These are some of the early fall bloomers that we are seeing in the Raleigh area: Ornamental Grasses:     Encore Azaleas: Sasanqua Camellias: Perennials:       Autumn Joy Sedum   Asters   […]

Summertime and Roses

Summertime brings warm sunshine, long days, iced tea, and ROSES!   Roses bring a colorful and fragrant display to summer that tantalizes the senses and can brighten our mood.  The multitude of colors and varieties to choose from is exciting!  And the many different types of roses means the possibilities are endless in the garden or […]

Easter’s Lovely Lilies

This time of year brings beautiful spring blooms, fragrant flowers, Peter Cottontail and Easter Lilies!  The most popular Easter Lily that graces homes, luncheons and Spring parties this time of year is the cultivar ‘Nellie White’.  This beautiful plant has large, white, fragrant trumpet shaped flowers. The Easter Lily is considered a symbol of beauty, […]

Steel Magnolias

With the warm temperatures that we are experiencing here in Raleigh, we are seeing a lot of Spring bloomers blooming early.  Some of these early bloomers that we especially like include the improved cultivars of the tulip magnolia family.  Although there are numerous magnolia varieties to choose from, these seasonal specimen trees can provide a great focal […]

Winter Bloomers for Raleigh Gardens and Landscapes

February is typically a cold, gray month here in Raleigh, North Carolina.  However, the current spring-like temperatures are confusing to everyone, including the plants.  You may see some spring bulbs already starting to pop up around town, and an early display of blooms on some of the spring flowering trees.  In general, this is not typical, […]

Winter Gardening in Raleigh?

Are you new to the Raleigh area?  Think winter gardening is just crazy?  Perhaps you moved from a place where shovels are only used for snow removal this time of year.  Well, have no fear!  Raleigh’s moderate climate extends our planting season into the winter months.  Old man winter can make an appearance, but for […]

Happy Fall Y’all!

What causes the brilliant colors of fall? With the colorful fall days ahead in Raleigh, it’s interesting to know why the leaves change color. Not everything is known about what affects fall leaf color, but here are some of the basics. Weather, temperature and the longer nights in autumn all affect leaf color to some […]

Fabulous Fall Colors

If you are new to the Raleigh area and are into gardening, fall is a great time to get your plants in the ground. Our planting season actually extends into winter here. The cooler temperatures allow for the plants to become established without the suffocating heat of summer that can stress plants, especially new ones. […]

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