February Freeze

It’s hard to believe that February is here and the first month of 2018 is already behind us.  Some may be glad to say “good riddance” to January with all of that snow and cold weather it brought.  However, we may be in for more cold temperatures because February is typically one of the colder […]

Revive and Rejuvenate For More Flower Power

Summer is here!  It’s that time of year when some of your plants may start to fade and your garden’s appearance is looking tired, drab or unkempt.   If you are seeing spent flowers like faded or brown blooms, then it might be time to put on those gardening gloves and get to work.   In […]

Feeding Your Plants

Plants need nutrients!  Although plants are capable of making food by capturing energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar, they need additional nutrients to stay healthy.  They get these nutrients from the soil or compost which, in turn, can diminish the availability of vitamins and minerals in the soil that plants need.  In […]

Feel Like You Are Fighting A Jungle?

Are you using the right tools?  If you are constantly whacking your plants away, then put up the pruning tools and get a shovel.  A well designed landscape should include appropriately selected plants that don’t outgrow their space.  If this is your situation, then the plants really need to be removed and replaced with the […]

How have you been watering your plants? Why drip irrigation may be the smarter choice

Making sure your plants always have the perfect amount of water has always been a challenge. Too much and they drown; too little and they crumble. Fully automated in-ground irrigation is overpriced and overcomplicated, but hoses and sprinklers require constant attention. Surely there has to be a happy medium? Drip irrigation may be the “Baby […]

Pruning Hydrangeas – Advice by DesignScapes of NC

Hydrangeas are a very popular plant and we work with a number of different varieties in our projects. However, sometimes it may be confusing to know how and when to prune your hydrangeas. We will be mentioning the hydrangeas we normally work with, which grow better here in North Carolina. We will be giving you […]

Landscaping Tips for November & December

Happy week of Thanksgiving! It’s time to break out the stretchy sweat pants and oversized sweaters! We’re sure your landscaping is the last thing on your mind this week since you’re all probably preparing your feasts or getting ready to go out of town. However, your landscape could always receive some attention before or after […]

Install in the Fall

              The beautiful fall colors are starting to disappear already, thanks to all of this rain. It’s nice to see the sun peek out of the clouds again here in Raleigh. As the leaves continue to fall, it’s going to get colder as we make our way into the […]

It’s Too Hot…

…to plant anything.  Is that what you’re thinking? We would never want to say you’re wrong so how about this? You’re half right. While you may feel it’s too hot for you to plant anything, it’s not too hot for us, and it’s definitely not too hot for the plants. In fact, plants thrive in […]

Fall / Winter Installations

Brrr! It’s getting cold outside! Before you give up on your yard, you should know that the Fall and Winter are ideal times for planting, contrary to popular belief. DesignScapes provides landscaping in Raleigh and surrounding areas year-round! Compared to the colder climate regions in our country, our winters in NC create perfect conditions for […]

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