February Freeze

It’s hard to believe that February is here and the first month of 2018 is already behind us.  Some may be glad to say “good riddance” to January with all of that snow and cold weather it brought.  However, we may be in for more cold temperatures because February is typically one of the colder […]

Winter Frost

If the recent snow and frigid temps have your landscape looking a bit sad, we have some tips for dealing with cold injured plants.  The heavy snow and ice that we experienced in Raleigh may have resulted in broken limbs, or perhaps it’s even questionable whether some of your plants are still alive.  This may […]

Winter Watering

Plants need water in winter.  That’s right.  Although the temperatures are not the sun-scorching, sultry temperatures like we have here in Raleigh during the summer, plants can still dry out in winter.  Just like humans suffer from drier skin in the winter plants are at risk too.  The roots of the plants have a possibility […]

A Water Wise Garden to Beat Summer’s Heat

It’s the end of July in Raleigh, NC which means we still have more heat to beat.  The “Dog Days of Summer” extend into August in this part of the South which can be a struggle for your plants.  Therefore, it is important that you pay extra attention to what is going on in your […]

Revive and Rejuvenate For More Flower Power

Summer is here!  It’s that time of year when some of your plants may start to fade and your garden’s appearance is looking tired, drab or unkempt.   If you are seeing spent flowers like faded or brown blooms, then it might be time to put on those gardening gloves and get to work.   In […]

Bugged In Raleigh

The early Spring we are experiencing in Raleigh has brought blooms too early for some of our plants, and even has some of them blooming out of sequence.  Some blooms and tender new growth were frozen and it will take time for these plants to recover.  For instance, you may have noticed that your hydrangeas, loropetalums, […]

Feel Like You Are Fighting A Jungle?

Are you using the right tools?  If you are constantly whacking your plants away, then put up the pruning tools and get a shovel.  A well designed landscape should include appropriately selected plants that don’t outgrow their space.  If this is your situation, then the plants really need to be removed and replaced with the […]

If You Think You Must, Don’t Make it a Bust

We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather two weekends in a row. In fact, we’re seeing daffodils popping up all over town! If you didn’t make it out last weekend, chances are good you’re planning to do some pruning soon. Last week we talked about over-pruning Crape Myrtles (aka Crape Murder). This week we’ll give you […]

No More Crepe Murder!

Many of us in North Carolina are cleaning up the yard after the big storm that blew through this week. With temperatures slowly rising, it’s also a great time to do some pruning to ready your plants and trees for Spring. February and March are ideal times to prune Crepe Myrtles. Before you start chopping […]

Meatballs or Marvelous?

Meatballs or Marvelous?   With warmer temperatures expected this weekend, many of us will be outside enjoying the sun and sprucing up the yard. This is a great time to prune; especially evergreen plants such as Hollies, Abelia, Boxwoods and Camellia Sasanqua. You can prune your plants to shape them, remove leggy shoots of growth, remove […]

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