Bugged In Raleigh

The early Spring we are experiencing in Raleigh has brought blooms too early for some of our plants, and even has some of them blooming out of sequence.  Some blooms and tender new growth were frozen and it will take time for these plants to recover.  For instance, you may have noticed that your hydrangeas, loropetalums, and gardenias look a little sad, but they will rebound!

Raleigh landscaping, Raleigh landscapers, landscaping Raleigh, insects, early spring, #insects, #early spring, #Raleigh, Designscapes of NC, Raleigh landscape companiesAn early Spring also brings bugs!  And, because of the milder winter we had, they will be out in full force in the Raleigh landscape.  The warmer winter temperatures in North Carolina means that many of our pests were not hurt by the cold like they are in years when we experience typically colder winters.  So, they will have a better chance of survival.  This means that Raleigh gardeners need to be extra vigilant in watching out for pesky insects.

If you need help with a pest that may be harming your plants, your local cooperative extension is a great resource and can help diagnose many problems.  The Plant Disease and Insect Clinic at North Carolina State University is also another great resource and can be found at https://projects.ncsu.edu/cals/plantpath/extension/clinic/.  You can also find your county agent and/or a master gardener at this site.  In addition, adding mulch to your garden will help control weeds that will also make an earlier appearance and will compete with your plants for available nutrients.

Happy gardening!  The Designscapes of NC team can help you with a landscape design plan and installation.  Please give us a call at 919-844-3441 or fill out the contact form below.




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