What’s Blooming In Raleigh This Spring

Its doesn’t take rocket science to look outside and see how beautiful our city is becoming during this time of year.  New businesses are opening, new construction projects are being launched but if you take time to notice the simple things you might just be starstruck by the beautiful trees blooming in the city of oaks this spring. Here’s a few that you might be able to spot driving through our wonderful city.

The first trees that everyone notices in Raleigh’s spring season are the Tulip Magnolias. These trees are easily spotted by their large goblet shaped blooms. These trees produce beautiful pink (or purple) blooms and are the highlight of any drive into downtown Raleigh.

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Unique to North Carolina is the Dogwood, North Carolina’s state Flower. The Dogwood blooms midway into the spring time and their blooms stay around for quite some time. The Cornus Florida is most often seen in the southern states; its white petals makes for a very beautiful spring season. The Kousa Dogwood blooms later in the spring and is equally as breathtaking.

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If you stick around Raleigh long enough you are bound to see Flowering Cherry Trees. The Yoshino, Kwanzan , Okame and Snowgoose cherry trees are the most common to our capital city. Cherry Trees love our climate and in thanks they provide us with a beautiful assortment of white and pink blooms.

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Redbud Trees, specifically Hearts of Gold and Forest Pansies, add too our capital city’s beauty during this time of year also. Redbud trees are generally the first trees to flower in North Carolina and Its purple buds are seen on the edges of woodland areas. The Redbud is a great small tree and can grow to be up to 30 ft tall.

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