Winter Gardening in Raleigh?

Are you new to the Raleigh area?  Think winter gardening is just crazy?  Perhaps you moved from a place where shovels are only used for snow removal this time of year.  Well, have no fear!  Raleigh’s moderate climate extends our planting season into the winter months.  Old man winter can make an appearance, but for the most part our winters tend to be pretty mild.  So, that can make for happy gardeners!

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Coral Bark Japanese Maple

This time of year is great for planting trees and shrubs because most plants undergo some type of dormancy this time of year.  Dormancy occurs when the days get shorter and colder temperatures arrive.  Plants can’t seek shelter or put on that down filled coat so they deal with the cold temperatures in their own way.  During this dormancy period, the plant’s metabolic activity either slows down or ceases altogether.  Thus, foliage growth is limited or will even stop.  This is actually a survival technique that plants use during times of adverse environmental conditions – the cold winter temperatures being one of those.  It’s also a way for plants to conserve energy during the winter months and, in turn, allows the plants to expend their energy growing and establishing their roots.  Establishing a strong root system is critical to surviving the hot and humid summer months that we have here, making this a great time to get plants into the ground!


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