Don’t Get Burned By Spring Fever

With Spring Fever spreading quickly, we know it is very tempting to run out this time of year and buy every beautiful flower you can fit in the back of your van, but wait before you do!  There are a couple things you should consider before making those purchases and doing it yourself.

First, do not neglect hiring a Landscape Designer.  What is a Landscape Designer?  We are glad you asked!  Landscape Designers understand the design principles and factors that can bring out the full beauty and potential of the flowers and plants you are using on a piece of property.  Not only do they understand design elements to really bring out the potential for your property, but also the biology and science behind them.  This will ensure that the plants chosen for your project will prosper on your land based on their specific needs.

What kind of factors should be considered before making a purchase?  You may be surprised that it it can be a variety of things!  They can include anything from the cultural requirements (such as amount of sun, shade, soil type, and placement on the property) to the actual size and shape (different textures, layering effects, and unity).

Landscape Designers also understand the pitfalls associated with projects such as improper placement of plants, the incorrect variety of plant being used for the property, and other costly errors. This knowledge then helps them avoid setbacks and helps you save money.  Your ideas are wonderful, and we don’t intend to make you feel that they are not, but oftentimes a lack of expertise can lead to costly mistakes.  We are here to help and prevent that!

With the knowledge and guidance from professional Landscape Designers, the team at DesignScapes of NC is here to make your residential lawn and garden one that you can be proud of for years to come. We look forward to working with you and being the cure for Spring Fever!





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