Ditch the Grass!

As your landscaping changes and evolves over time, areas can become too shady to support your lawn. Instead of fighting against Mother Nature, give up on the grass and consider other options.

Give up on the grass? What will my yard look like if it doesn’t have grass in it? Is that even possible?

These are three questions you might be wondering. Truth is, you don’t have to have grass to have a beautiful yard. Grass is a tricky thing, especially if you do have areas that are becoming too shady. Grass also requires lots of water, especially if it’s newly planted Sod or if you live in an area that’s suffering from a drought, a common issue during the summer. The average household uses 60 gallons of water per day to water their lawn. Not to mention, there is so much time spent seeding and mowing from Spring to Fall. Getting rid of the grass can cut back on maintenance bills too!

But what to put in its place?

Ground covers!

Ground covers are plants that spread and form blankets in your yard. We use them very often in our work here at DesignScapes! Many ground covers are low-maintenance and very affordable, two of the things we strive to provide in our work! There are many different varieties of ground cover to use. There are some that do better in the sun or shade. There are some that are Evergreen, as well as deer and drought tolerant. Also, planting ground cover is usually less expensive than installing sod.

Being that there are so many varieties, you can create a really diverse look in your landscaping by planting different varieties of ground cover with each other. Also, you can make rooms in your landscape by planting different varieties in different areas of your yard. This can create quite the beautiful spectacle that will make all of your neighbors with basic lawns super jealous!

Below are a few of our favorite ground covers that grow especially well here in North Carolina! They are all Evergreen, which means they will be beautiful year-round!

Vinca Minor



















Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’











Variegated Liriope










Spicata Liriope









Monroe White Liriope










Mondo Grass









Dwarf Mondo Grass










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