Terrific Tomatoes!

Tomatoes are a great choice to add to vegetable gardens because they can be grown in small areas, containers and raised beds.  There are so many types to choose from such as cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, slicing tomatoes and grape tomatoes.  They come in red, green, yellow, orange and purple and are a good source of Vitamin […]

Happy Fall Y’all!

What causes the brilliant colors of fall? With the colorful fall days ahead in Raleigh, it’s interesting to know why the leaves change color. Not everything is known about what affects fall leaf color, but here are some of the basics. Weather, temperature and the longer nights in autumn all affect leaf color to some […]

Ditch the Grass!

As your landscaping changes and evolves over time, areas can become too shady to support your lawn. Instead of fighting against Mother Nature, give up on the grass and consider other options. Give up on the grass? What will my yard look like if it doesn’t have grass in it? Is that even possible? These […]

Can I Get an Encore?

Throughout this season, we’ve given you a lot of information on Fall color and how to achieve the best Fall color in your landscape. However, we’d like to tell you of a plant that is beautiful year-round, showing its true beautify in the Spring and Summer, before giving one final burst of color in the Fall. […]

Install in the Fall

              The beautiful fall colors are starting to disappear already, thanks to all of this rain. It’s nice to see the sun peek out of the clouds again here in Raleigh. As the leaves continue to fall, it’s going to get colder as we make our way into the […]

Fall: Behind the Scenes

  Ah, Fall. It’s the time of everything pumpkin related. It’s the time when you start getting clothes out of storage for those cooler days and nights. It’s the time you start looking for your favorite blankets and scented candles. But most importantly, it’s the time when the leaves start changing colors. The change of the […]

Shake Your Grass

It is officially Fall and we are already experiencing cooler weather here in the Triangle area! During this time of year, as leaves start to turn and flowers start to die back, you will start to notice more Ornamental Grasses in landscapes. Why not join in on the fun? Time to shake your grass! Most […]

Sod: Beautiful Addition to Raleigh Landscape

Tall Fescue Sod: Beautiful Addition to Raleigh Landscape Are you tired of the brown, scraggly grass in your Raleigh landscape? Thinking of changing it to something that will stay greener longer? With cooler weather on its way, now is the perfect time to lay new sod. Fescue grass is a cool-season grass suitable for Raleigh […]

Our Raleigh Landscaping Readers Favorite Plants?

Dear Raleigh Landscaping Readers, We want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite plants that you cannot do without in your Raleigh landscaping?? We know many of our clients and readers have certain favorite plants that they just have to have in their Raleigh Landscaping. We always strive to provide our clients […]

Groundcovers for Raleigh Landscaping

Groundcovers and Your Raleigh Landscaping You may know that groundcovers have many benefits for your Raleigh Landscaping. But did you know that they can provide all of the following specific benefits: controlling erosion, retaining moisture, providing a habitat for bees and butterflies, resilient, low maintenance, help control weeds, and generally pest and disease resistant. Wow, […]

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