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The beautiful fall colors are starting to disappear already, thanks to all of this rain. It’s nice to see the sun peek out of the clouds again here in Raleigh. As the leaves continue to fall, it’s going to get colder as we make our way into the holiday season. But don’t let this time of year take away from your landscaping? Why? Because it’s the perfect time to add to your landscaping!  Not to mention, think of all the company you will have during the holiday season. Do you want your guests looking at a drabby landscape? Nope! You want them to say “Wow! What a beautiful landscape!”










Residents who have transplanted to this area may not know that Fall is the perfect time for new plantings. We bet you’re wondering how that’s possible with it starting to get cold outside Many people believe that nothing grows in the Fall or Winter. Wrong! Well believe it or not, plants installed in the Fall generally turn out to be very successful! When plants are installed in the fall, they have an extended period for root growth before fast top growth in the Spring! Soil is warm and more aerated during the fall. This supports a better foliage growth as well.

But what about transplanting during the Fall? This season is great for transplanting plants! No matter the season, when you transplant a plant, it will undergo transplanting stress. However, transplanting during the Fall reduces this stress since there is extra moisture during this season. This allows the plant to recover quicker from being transplanted. If the trees and plants you’re wanting to move are field grown, we are entering the perfect time for transplanting.










The longer plants are grounded in the Fall, the more successful they are likely to be during the Spring. This time allows them to establish better root systems that can stand the heat of the summer. Everyone in Raleigh knows how intense the Summer can be! Keep in mind that new plants and transplants will require less water during their first growing season, but this will increase as the plant ages.

Here at DesignScapes, we do plantings year-round! Now is the perfect time to start a new project! Let us take care of your project so that you can enjoy the holidays, knowing your landscape will look beautiful in the Spring!











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