Certified Wildlife Gardens – Theme Garden Series

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National Wildlife Federation

When considering a theme for a certain garden space, a wildlife garden or habitat is one idea that brings pleasure to the gardener as well as critical habitat to wildlife.  Implementing a wildlife garden on your property contributes to wildlife and habitat conservation.  According to the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, habitat loss is one of the leading causes for species decline today.  North Carolina is growing at a rapid pace with new houses and subdivisions going up every day which means a decline in wildlife habitat. Yet, you can help!  No matter what size gardening space you have, you can get involved in wildlife conservation.

A fun way to participate is through The National Wildlife Federation’s program that allows gardens to be certified.  Creating a certified wildlife garden or habitat can be a fun project for young kids AND old kids.  Planning and installing a wildlife garden is a good opportunity for children to learn about nature and can also be a fun family activity.

Five elements are required to get your wildlife habitat certified and to be eligible to post your certificate.  These include providing food, water, cover, places to raise young, and utilizing sustainable practices within your garden.  Once you have installed your garden that includes the aforementioned elements, then you can apply for certification through the federation.  You can find out more about the certification process from the North Carolina Wildlife Federation or the National Wildlife Federation at http://ncwf.org/programs/certified-wildlife-habitat/

DesignScapes of NC can help plan and install a wildlife garden that meets the National Wildlife Federation’s specifications. We would love to help!  Whatever you decide, we hope that you will consider our helpful pollinators and wildlife in your landscape plans.

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