Certified Wildlife Gardens – Theme Garden Series

When considering a theme for a certain garden space, a wildlife garden or habitat is one idea that brings pleasure to the gardener as well as critical habitat to wildlife.  Implementing a wildlife garden on your property contributes to wildlife and habitat conservation.  According to the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, habitat loss is one of […]

Formal Attire Required – Theme Garden Series

If an English Cottage Garden seems a bit unorganized and too informal for you, then bring a little formality into your garden or landscape.  As we continue with our series on theme gardens, formal gardens certainly deserve attention as they have been around for many years. Although we love the cottage garden style, it may […]

Theme Garden Series – Japanese Gardens

  Theme gardens provide the gardener with a focus  when creating and developing a landscape plan.  It allows the gardener to transform a blank slate into a desired garden style and create a certain atmosphere.  A garden theme guides the design process including the types of plants, garden accessories and structures used.  All of these […]

Have You Been Mooned?

A moonlight garden adds a sense of wonder to nighttime outdoor living.  Garden interest from dusk throughout the night sky until dawn can turn a moonlight stroll, outdoor dining experience or nighttime swim into a magical or mysterious evening.   Moonlight gardens focus on plants that showcase blooms, textures and silhouettes from dusk throughout the moonlight hours.  They […]

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