Can I Get an Encore?

Throughout this season, we’ve given you a lot of information onĀ Fall color and how to achieve the best Fall color in your landscape. However, we’d like to tell you of a plant that is beautiful year-round, showing its true beautify in the Spring and Summer, before giving one final burst of color in the Fall. We’re sure you’ve heard of it before.

It’s the Encore Azalea! Yes, we’ve written an article or two about it before and we’ll probably write a few more in the future. Why do we keep mentioning this plant in our posts? Because it’s a gorgeous addition to any landscape and it’s one of the best growing plants in North Carolina! Why do you think they have the Azalea festival in Wilmington every year?

The Encore Azalea is actually the world’s best selling multi-season blooming plant. Every year, new varieties are being released, bringing exciting new colors to landscapes everywhere. These plants are so special that nurseries have to have a license to grow them. Pretty cool, huh?

Here are a few facts about Encore Azaleas. They do need regular watering and good drainage to hold up during hot and dry seasons. A good way to keep them watered would be by adding an irrigation system to your landscape. (We can help you with that!) Azaleas do well in both full sun and part shade, so they’re very versatile when deciding where to place them within your landscape. They get the name of Encore since they bloom again in the summer and once more in the Fall. However, if they don’t get enough sun, the encore is less likely to happen. When planted in proper conditions, Azaleas are relatively pest and disease resistant. Sounds like the perfect plant to add to your landscape, doesn’t it?

Check out a few of the varieties below.

























So what are you waiting for? Let’s add some Encore Azaleas to your landscape! Have something else in mind? We can help with that too. Fall is the perfect time for new plantings. Give us a call today at 919-844-3441 or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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