Add Flare With Ferns

If you have shady places in your garden where you are having trouble getting anything to grow, you might want to try growing ferns. Ferns are low-maintenance and an easy plant to grow.  Most are tolerant of the cold and heat so they are a great choice as a year round plant.  They typically require a […]

Shady Places

Are some of the areas in your yard too shady for fescue?  Stop wasting your time and resources and let us help you design an attractive shade garden that will be more suitable for these areas. Low light availability is the main obstacle in shade gardens so it’s essential to select plants that can thrive in […]

Can I Get an Encore?

Throughout this season, we’ve given you a lot of information on Fall color and how to achieve the best Fall color in your landscape. However, we’d like to tell you of a plant that is beautiful year-round, showing its true beautify in the Spring and Summer, before giving one final burst of color in the Fall. […]

How To Throw Shade…

Most people think of shade as something provided by trees and plants, which comes in handy on a really hot summer day. However, in this day and age, shade has quite a few meanings. For those of you who don’t know, throwing shade is defined by the Urban Dictionary as acting in a casual or disrespectful manner […]

Blooming Now : Hellebores

The weather is teasing us right now. We get a few days of Spring and then it’s Winter again! We’re hoping that will all be over soon and we can kiss the cold air good-bye for a couple of months! We’d like to share some information about a gorgeous plant that’s blooming right now! It’s […]

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