Certified Wildlife Gardens – Theme Garden Series

When considering a theme for a certain garden space, a wildlife garden or habitat is one idea that brings pleasure to the gardener as well as critical habitat to wildlife.  Implementing a wildlife garden on your property contributes to wildlife and habitat conservation.  According to the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, habitat loss is one of […]

Need Gift Ideas for That “Hard to Buy For” Person?

Struggling with a unique gift idea? Are you at a loss on what to get that “hard to buy for” someone on your holiday list?  Maybe you are just not up to tackling the crowds at the mall on Black Friday or any other day for that matter. Or you just need something really unique […]

Theme Garden Series – Japanese Gardens

  Theme gardens provide the gardener with a focus  when creating and developing a landscape plan.  It allows the gardener to transform a blank slate into a desired garden style and create a certain atmosphere.  A garden theme guides the design process including the types of plants, garden accessories and structures used.  All of these […]

Fall Gardening Tips

We are well into fall now although you may not be able to tell by the weather we have been having here in Raleigh, NC.  However, we are approaching the middle of October and the leaves are starting to paint the landscape with the beautiful oranges, yellows and reds of fall.  Typically, it’s a great […]

Is Your Garden Environmentally Friendly?

An environmentally friendly garden can incorporate numerous characteristics but some of the ones that Designscapes of NC thinks are easy to consider include creating habitat for pollinators, promoting plant diversity and minimizing water and chemical usage. Incorporating native plants into the landscape is important because they are adapted to the conditions of the area or region.  This means […]

Meadow Gardens

Have you driven down Interstate-40 in North Carolina and noticed the beautiful wildflowers blooming along the roadsides?  If, like me, those colorful flowers brighten your day, it might make you want to do something similar in your own garden or landscape. However, if you think it isn’t possible because you don’t have a large tract of […]

Look Before You Leap!

Autumn is just around the corner which brings with it great weather for gardening.  Fall in Raleigh, NC is a perfect time to plant which may tempt you to purchase many of the beautiful fall blooming plants that you see at garden centers or nurseries. It is definitely hard to resist the pretty fall plants!   But […]

Add Flare With Ferns

If you have shady places in your garden where you are having trouble getting anything to grow, you might want to try growing ferns. Ferns are low-maintenance and an easy plant to grow.  Most are tolerant of the cold and heat so they are a great choice as a year round plant.  They typically require a […]

Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainability is quite the “buzz’ word lately, but how does it relate to the residential landscape?  Some basic ways to create a sustainable residential landscape include conserving water, selecting native plants, incorporating permeable materials in hardscaping areas, and maintaining healthy soil.   Residential gardeners can conserve water by capturing and re-using rainwater to water plants. […]

A Water Wise Garden to Beat Summer’s Heat

It’s the end of July in Raleigh, NC which means we still have more heat to beat.  The “Dog Days of Summer” extend into August in this part of the South which can be a struggle for your plants.  Therefore, it is important that you pay extra attention to what is going on in your […]

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