Small Space Gardening

If you only have a small outdoor space, you still have plenty of options for creating a garden or landscape that you can enjoy.  There are plenty of plants and landscape designs that will add interest to a patio, courtyard or small yard.  It is still possible to create an intimate space for outdoor living […]

Don’t Ditch Your Pots

Don’t ditch your pots just because it’s getting cold out!  Fall and winter are a great time for container gardening.  Also, if you are limited on space, need some extra color in places or just want to add some pizzazz to your garden, container gardens are a great way to do this.   All it takes […]

Contain Your Plants

While we usually like to suggest plants and share ideas about ways to improve your landscaping, we thought we’d change it up a bit. Do you already have that perfect landscape? If so, that’s great! It’s even better if we were able to help you achieve that perfect landscape! But what if you want to […]

Winter Container Gardening – Raleigh Landscaping

Winter Container Gardening for Raleigh Landscaping If you think you have to put away your containers for the winter, think again! Don’t put them away yet! There are plenty of plants you can use for winter containers that will provide a beautiful addition to your home and its Raleigh landscaping. First, you will want to […]

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